Brain Health

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The brain is the most complex and mysterious organ that exists. 100 billion neurons and an incalculable number of connections. Minimal electrical currents and about 50 chemicals. These are the tools with which the entire body works and oversees: it processes signals that arrive from the outside, it stores and governs memories, it allows us to reason. It is our conductor and, from above, it guides the harmonies of our lives. 

Taking care of our brain means taking care of our entire person, because it is true; it's all in the head: emotions, memories, decisions, actions. 

This is precisely why Angelini Pharma chose to work and commit to brain health. Because it is aware that working in the field of psychiatric and neurological diseases is the real health challenge of today and tomorrow. 

To make information more accessible and support healthcare professionals, patients, and their caregivers navigate the ever-growing field of brain health, we created Harmonia Mentis – a knowledge hub and information center dedicated to epilepsy and brain health created with patients and caregivers in mind. The website contains an area dedicated to health care professionals that can be accessed by clicking here.