Sustainability & Social Initatives


Taking Responsibility Seriously

Patients are the focus of everything we do. However, we recognise that there is more we can do to advance the wellbeing of everyone. This is why we have made a commitment to our stakeholders in our Code of Ethics.

Our social initiatives include a wide range of actions, amongst them charitable and fund-raising programs, blood donations, medicines, and food. We support organisations and foundations that advance social causes and that are in line with our values.

Our commitment helps us to advance our cause for patient wellbeing in Switzerland and beyond.

Headway 2023

One of our major initiatives was our sponsorship of Headway 2023. Headway 2023 is a European initiative on mental health. Arising from a collaboration between Angelini and the European House - Ambrosetti, the prestigious Italian Think Tank, Headway 2023 is stimulating the debate on social and healthcare policies in various countries encouraging the adoption of innovative pathways for diagnosis, treatment, and social recovery. The final objective is to advance today’s paradigm of the management and treatment of mental illness so that the social and healthcare systems in each country can guarantee adequate and effective care pathways and assistance and, at the same time, promote better quality of life for patients and encourage legitimate social inclusion. This is also expected to have a strong and positive impact on families.

Environmental Initiatives

Attention to the environment has never been more important, and Angelini Pharma’s commitment is underlined by the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification of all of its production sites. Important investments have been made in clean energy, with an Energy Management Team that ensures continuous improvements in energy consumption. Recently, a highly advanced energy saving system has been brought into operation in Angelini Pharma's Ancona production plant. This system monitors and exploits favourable conditions in the external atmosphere to reduce the level of cooling of the water used for interiori conditioning. The savings were impressive: electricity consumption was cut by more than 830 MWh with 10,000 m3/per year of drinkable water saved.

The Angelini Pharma Packaging Design structure has been working to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, combining “green” innovation with requirements for product conservation and improvement. The packaging weight and volume have been reduced to optimise transport logistics with consequent reduction in atmospheric pollution from vehicle exhausts. Moreover, recycled materials are extensively used. Today, Angelini Pharma packaging is in line with the strictest international environmental regulations.


We have several educational initiatives that we support worldwide; amongst others the Angelini University Awards in Portugal, Turkey and Czech Republic. To find out more about our initiatives, please visit our global website.