Ethics & Compliance


Ethics and Compliance

Our Approach to Ethics

Angelini Pharma promotes and consolidates a culture distinguished by correctness, integrity and transparency when conducting its activities and in respect of all its stakeholders.

Angelini Pharma operates in compliance with legislations and regulations and takes actions to ensure that its entire organisation is committed in this regard. All employees are required to act with integrity in all the aspects of their work, and to expect the same from whoever they interact with inside and outside the organisation.

Two important documents adopted by Angelini Pharma relate to these basic principles: The Organisation, Management and Control Model, and the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Angelini Group’s Code of Ethics

The values that guide the Angelini Group and the purpose it pursues are the foundations from which the Angelini Group's Code of Ethics takes shape and substance, along with the awareness that it is only by acting ethically that it is possible to build a better future and achieve sustainable growth for everyone.
The Code of Ethics clearly expresses the set of ethical principles, commitments to stakeholders, responsibilities and common rules of conduct that inspire the daily activities of all those who work for the Angelini Group, taking into account the importance of their roles, the complexity of their functions and the responsibilities entrusted to them for the pursuit of the Group's goals.

Corporate Governance

Angelini Pharma has adopted and effectively implemented a corporate governance Model further to the Legislative Decree 231/2001. The Model sets out the ethical principles and the directives to be followed at all decision-making and operational stage of the business processes in order to ensure the full compliance of the Company Group Management. The Model is taken as a reference from the affiliates through the Global Compliance Guidelines.


Integrity is one of our core behaviors and compliance is a must, without compliance there is no business.
Angelini Pharma believes that acting ethically is everyone’s responsibility that means reporting anything unethical or illegal. Anyone (including employees, business partners and stakeholders) must report any improper, unethical, or illegal conduct.
The information you provide will be sent to us through the whistle-blower platform (using the company code: ANGELINI) on a totally confidential and anonymous basis. You have our guarantee that your voice will be heard and any whistle-blower is fully protected against retaliation.

Global Compliance Policies

Our Global Policies contain the key principles to act with integrity, correctness, and transparency, in line with current laws, regulations, industry codes and ethical standards.
Any third party who conducts business on Angelini Pharma behalf must also comply with these policy requirements.